This Week's Featured Guests

  • Gregg Ritz

    Gregg Ritz

    Gregg Ritz is one of the industry’s most accomplished hunters, with a long list of record book accomplishments across the globe. Gregg’s dedication to adventure hunting is unmatched, his technical muzzleloading expertise and passion for archery is world renowned,

  • David Blanton

    David Blanton

    David Blanton is a household name in the outdoor industry and a staple within the camouflage giant, Realtree. As the host and Executive Producer of several television shows and deer hunting DVD’s,

  • Handgun Hunting

    Handgun Hunting

    Handgun hunting isn’t new, but it’s popularity is on the rise. With more and more Americans arming themselves, what they may not realize is that their handguns could make great big game hunting tools.



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