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    10/19/17 - Success in the elk woods is the culmination of many aspects that all fell into place, perfectly. Ask any seasoned elk hunter to pinpoint just one facet of their hunting prowess that led to their triumphs, and they'll tell you that it is their balanced approach, not a singular aspect, just as a well-oiled machine is more efficient. So, this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav, our panel of elk kingpins, will detail a strategic plan of attack that'll ultimately fill your freezer. Phoning in for a special two-part interview will be Gregg Ritz, host of Hunt Masters. Gregg will recount his recent Utah elk hunt where he previewed an all-new load from Hornady and climatically tagged a behemoth 6x6 bull on the final day, in last shooting light. Additionally, Gregg will tackle scouting for and locating bulls in the post-rut, their preferred food sources, capable calibers for taking them and much more. Then, elk calling expert and featured member of RMEF Team Elk, Kristy Titus, will breakdown the science of elk calling. Kristy explains that calling is psychological, and you're playing to their emotions. Sometimes it's a simple social cow call or it's an interrupting bugle that's intended to upset. Either way, knowing what call to use and when to use it is imperative and Kristy is here to walk us through multiple scenarios. Finally, Jill Gechter with CINCH will wrap things up with proper layering for spot and stalk style hunts in brutal conditions. CINCH has all-new boxer briefs that'll keep things in place, all the while keeping you dry and ready to conquer the terrain ahead. Jill will also debut some of CINCH's hoodies for this fall and explain how they'll aid you during the most challenging, and demanding, hunts. The Revolution and our discussion of Expedition Elk, is presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

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