This Week's Featured Guests

  • Chad Glauser

    Chad Glauser

    Chad Glauser is the kind of guy that everyone aspires to be. He’s a real life body builder, a wild game chef, extreme hunter and the host of Alaska Outdoors TV on Outdoor Channel. You can watch him with envy each week as he traverses difficult terrain in search of the best adventure and wild game that Alaska has to offer.

  • Melissa Bachman

    Melissa Bachman

    Melissa Bachman is an accomplished hunter and the host of Winchester Deadly Passion on Sportsman Channel. When it comes to outdoor smarts and skills, Melissa believes that experience is the best teacher.

  • Tim MacWelch

    Tim MacWelch

    Tim MacWelch is The Revolution's resident survival expert, master body cream connoisseur, DIY maple syrup making aficionado, and all around super good looking and ultra smart guy. This week he dives headfirst into survival’s most challenging and essential skill, taking up residence and building a backwoods shelter, your new home away from home.



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